Project omschrijving

Document Reviewer

Wiering’s QHSE Consultancy BV april 2014 – heden 

In voorkomende situaties lever ik ondersteuning door het verzorgen van QHSE document reviews, zowel in Nederlands als in Engels.

Wierings QHSE:
Involved in several projects in the Oil, Gas, Geothermal and Salt mining industry (On and Offshore)
Setup a complete QHSE Management System for Well Engineering Partners BV. (ISO-9001 certified in 2012), (system is based on the ISO-9001 (ISO-14001 and the OHSAS-18001)

Execute internal and external audits

Prepared Bridging Documents between Drilling contractors and clients; such as:
•Project specific Safety and Health Plans,
•Fire Fighting and Rescue Plans,
•Emergency Response Plans,
•Blow-out Contingency Plans,
•Oil Pollution Emergency Plans.

Participate on: • HAZID and HAZOP studies • Risk Assessments

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